Alfresa Holdings Corporation

Our Business

The Alfresa Group's main businesses are the Ethical Pharmaceuticals Wholesaling Business, the Self-Medication Products Wholesaling Business, the Manufacturing Business, and the Medical-Related Business. We are striving for the realization of a "Healthcare Consortium" through the development of various businesses relating to health and medical care to contribute to people's health.

Healthcare Consortium

Ethical Pharmaceuticals Wholesaling Business

Focusing on ethical pharmaceuticals, we deliver a wide range of products, including diagnostic reagents and medical devices/equipment, from our high-capacity distribution centers nationwide to hospitals, clinics, and dispensing pharmacies. In addition, our sales force with an extensive knowledge provides support to our customers.

Self-Medication Products Wholesaling Business

Focusing on over-the-counter drugs, we deliver health foods, supplements and other products to drug stores and pharmacies, meeting customer needs with a full product lineup and value-added marketing activities.

Manufacturing Business

From a comprehensive perspective encompassing prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, we manufacture and market high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, and medical devices, that meet GMP and QMS requirements. We research, develop, manufacture and market unique and distinctive products, and undertake contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Medical-Related Business

The Alfresa Group is actively expanding its business areas toward the realization of a "Healthcare Consortium." We are meeting a variety of medical needs through our dispensing pharmacy business and other medical-related businesses.

Realization of a "Healthcare Consortium"

The realization of a "Healthcare Consortium" means the establishment of a system that can contribute to people's lives and health by forming alliances not only with Group companies but also with other firms in the healthcare business to offer comprehensive medical care and healthcare information, products and services.