Alfresa Holdings Corporation

Overview of Business Operations

The Alfresa Group’s Our Vision statement sets out the goal to become a Healthcare Consortium that provides products and services in every health-related field. Based on this commitment, the Group operates a range of businesses related to medical care and healthcare, focusing on the wholesaling, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, and medical devices, as it creates and delivers a fresh life for all people.

Integrating Business Operations and CSR Activities

The Alfresa Group integrates its business operations and CSR activities under the Group’s CSR Basic Policy in order to create corporate value that responds to both customer expectations and social requirements. As we are a social infrastructure business that must be protected from interruption at all costs, in addition to our sincere efforts for business, we are also aiming to contribute to a sustainable society by growing the Company sustainably while addressing ESG priority issues.

Business Outline

Supply Chain in the Ethical Pharmaceuticals Wholesaling Business

The Group delivers ethical pharmaceuticals and other products, including diagnostic reagents and medical devices and equipment, to hospitals, clinics and dispensing pharmacies from nationwide distribution centers with advanced processing capabilities. Its marketing professionals have extensive knowledge and provide support to customers.

Supply Chain in the Self-Medication Products Wholesaling Business

The Group delivers over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, health foods, supplements, and other products to drug stores and pharmacies. It meets customer needs with a full product portfolio and advanced proposal capabilities.

Supply Chain in the Manufacturing Business

The Group is operating its manufacturing business based on a comprehensive perspective including prevention, diagnosis and treatment. It manufactures and markets high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, medical devices and other products while complying with manufacturing control and quality control standards such as GMP and QMS. The Group engages in research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of products with unique profiles and presence, as well as consignment manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Supply Chain in the Medical-Related Business

The Alfresa Group is actively expanding into new business fields in order to become a Healthcare Consortium. The Group meets diverse medical care needs through related businesses such as the dispensing pharmacy business.

* Figures as of March 2020
* Scope: Alfresa Holdings Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries