Alfresa Holdings Corporation

Empowering Our People

Basic Policy

The Alfresa Group’s philosophy is “We create and deliver a fresh life for all.” In pursuit of this philosophy, it is essential to establish a proper working environment that allows our people to tackle their jobs with good health, a positive mindset, and strong motivation. The Group views the changing social environment as an opportunity for growth, and believes that the starting point for business growth is to ensure that its diverse talent pool can all develop and demonstrate their capabilities. Accordingly, the Group respects the human rights of our people and works hard to build a continually improving working environment.

Respect for Human Rights and Prevention of Harassment

Basic Policy on Respect for Human Rights and Personality and Prevention of Harassment

・The Alfresa Group does not engage in discriminatory treatment.
The Group does not engage in any discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, social status, lineage, gender, disability, health status, thoughts, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, occupation or type of employment, etc.

・The Alfresa Group does not tolerate harassment
The Group does not tolerate sexual harassment, abuse of power, harassment based on status of pregnancy, birth, maternity leave, family nursing care leave, or any other harassment.

Group companies continuously raise and spread awareness of these issues through compliance training programs and so forth. The Group has also established special help lines for those who are encountering difficulties or concerns regarding human rights or are victimized by harassment.

Promoting Diversity

The Alfresa Group recognizes that, to achieve its goal of becoming a Healthcare Consortium, it must accurately identify diverse needs and adapt to changes in the business environment. With the objective of fostering an organization with diverse values and individuality, the Group promotes the active recruitment and promotion of women as well as the employment of seniors and people with disabilities. In doing so, the Group creates an environment that allows individuals to fully demonstrate their potential and makes the most of its diverse people.

Creating a Suitable Workplace Environment for People with Disabilities [RYUYAKU CO., LTD.]

RYUYAKU CO., LTD. considers work content in accordance with the characteristics of each individual’s disability in order to provide a work environment that suits people with disabilities. For example, it has taken steps to introduce digital magnifiers and large screen monitors for people with visual impairments. These magnifiers allow them to read the letters on documents, postal items and so forth with ease. Steps were also taken to enable a re-employed person who needs to visit the hospital for dialysis to choose a form of employment with the needed flexibility. The Group believes that considering the right place for people with disabilities helps to increase work efficiency. Meanwhile, these initiatives have also had the effect of increasing communication among coworkers.

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Approach to Talent Development and Management

Since Alfresa Group companies are engaged in businesses related to human life and health, it is imperative that they execute their operations stably. It is the Group’s more than 10,000 people, with their strong sense of mission, who make this possible. The Alfresa Group regards its people as its greatest asset and develops their valuable talents, equipping them to share and practice the Group’s principles while respecting each and every person’s individuality and values.

Vision for Our Valuable People

The Alfresa Group strives to develop the capabilities of our valuable people to drive the Group’s future growth. To achieve this, the Group undertakes talent development and management that combines a Group-wide, cross-cutting approach with individual initiatives at each Group company. As part of these efforts, the Group has formulated the Alfresa Group’s Four Requirements for Our Valuable People. These statements, together with individual action guidelines and visions at each Group company, provide the vision for the Group’s talent development and management.

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Alfresa Holdings Corporation continues to improve its group training programs each year, aiming to foster as many sophisticated professionals as possible who carry out actual business practices compliant with the Alfresa Group’s Four Requirements for Our Valuable People and to develop the next generation of management and core talent. Going forward, we will strengthen our initiatives for our valuable people as we seek to continuously grow as the Alfresa Group and keep creating value under a rapidly changing business environment.

Group Training Programs

Training program Target
Director and executive officer training
Acquire basic mindset as a top manager, increase company decision-making capability
Directors and executive officers
AEP (Alfresa Group Executive Program)
Development of next-generation management
General managers
ASPAC (Alfresa Group Study Program Abroad Course)
Cultivation of global thinking and perspective
Branch / section managers to executive officers / general managers
ABS (Alfresa Group Business School)
Nurture candidates for next-generation management
Section managers to young branch managers
Fresh Members’ Seminar
Sharing the Group’s principles, etc.
New recruits
Hospital sales representative training
Establishing a marketing style to match the environmental changes in hospitals
Hospital sales representatives
  • Shaded fields represent specialist talent training.

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Personnel Evaluations

The Alfresa Group strives to conduct fair and satisfactory personnel evaluations for its people. Group companies have introduced evaluation systems that combine competency evaluations and self-evaluations with evaluations based on professional ability and achievement against pre-established goals and targets.

Work-Life Balance

Advancing Work-Life Balance (Workstyle Reform)

The Group has been promoting the “Alfresa Group Fresh-Up Campaign” as a Group-wide effort designed to help our people achieve work-life balance, enhance their productivity, and stay highly motivated on the job. The campaign seeks to reduce overtime hours and encourage use of paid leave. We are also striving to create an environment where people feel free to utilize childcare and nursing care leave. At Group companies, we are enhancing HR systems including introduction of a “job return” system, expansion of the scope of people eligible for short working hours for childcare or nursing care, and payment of childcare allowance.

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Strengthening Efforts to Promote Health

The Alfresa Group, which does business in the healthcare industry, recognizes that it is vital to help our people to maintain and strive to improve their mental and physical health. Group companies provide regular health checkups, and encourage those with positive findings to have secondary examinations. The Group has also expanded support for women’s cancer screenings and is enhancing initiatives such as making screening results visible through the introduction of a health management system and providing health improvement education. In addition, as an initiative to maintain mental health, each Group company conducts stress checks and has provided the Alfresa Group Mental Health Special Help Desk that our people and their families can use for consultation at any time. The Group strives to make efforts to resolve concerns and identify early signs of mental illness by providing adequate supports.

Mental Health Help Desk Card

Changing Individual Awareness by Introducing a Health Management System [Alfresa Pharma Corporation]

Alfresa Pharma Corporation has introduced a health management system with a health checkup results inquiry function. This function allows individual employees to check their own health checkup results in detail at any time, thereby encouraging them to improve their health. The system accumulates annual health checkup results in a database so that each person can see the details of the examination items and the changes in the results of the health checkup up to the present day. Feedback from people who have used the system includes such comments as “It is good to be able to check how things have changed” and “It is easy to check which items have abnormalities.” In addition, the Human Resources Department issues Health Management System News regularly to constantly encourage health promotion.

Mental Health Care Initiative [Alfresa Corporation]

In today’s increasingly complex social environment and competitive society, a growing number of people are experiencing mental illness due to stress and other factors. The Group believes that mental health care is critical for helping its people to tackle their work with energy and a positive mindset. Alfresa Corporation provides mental health training specifically designed for managers as part of its branch manager training and other programs. The company also makes available mental health counseling to help people find ways to restore their mental health.

Relations with the Labor Union

The Alfresa Group believes that mutual trust and cooperation between labor and management paves the way for the Group’s continuing development. Group companies create opportunities for regular dialogue between labor and management and aim to build relationships characterized by cooperation and open communication.