Alfresa Holdings Corporation


About stock

What is your stock code?
It is 2784. The company is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Does the company have shareholder special benefit plan?
No, we do not currently do so.
Please tell us about the company's dividend policy and dividend payment.
The Company's policy is to determine dividends based on consolidated financial results, with a target of an annual DOE (dividend on equity) of 2.3% or more from the 19-21 Medium-term Management Plan period, comprehensively considering the enhancement of its financial standing, stability of its management base and future business development.
Please see "Dividends" for the dividend payment information.
When is the general shareholders meeting held?
In June every year. Please see "IR Calendar" for more information.

About the company

When was the company established?
It was established on September 29, 2003.
When did the company list its shares?
With its establishment on September 29, 2003, the company was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange.
Please share with us how Alfresa Holdings Corporation was established.
The company was established as a joint holding company through a share transfer by AZWELL Inc. and Fukujin Co., Ltd.
What is the origin of the corporate name "Alfresa"?
Alfresa is a compound word consisting of the English word "all" and an Esperanto word "fresa" which means "fresh" in English. Please see "Corporate Name and Logo".
When is your accounting period?
The closing of the books for the full term is on March 31 every year. For future schedules, please see "IR Calendar".

About finances

Where can I find the previous IR materials?
Financial statements, presentation materials and annual reports are available under "IR Library", and news releases are available under "News Release".
Where can we check on changes in sales and profits?
Please click here.

About business

Please tell us about your business.
Our main businesses consist of the wholesaling of ethical pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents and medical devices/equipment centered on Alfresa Corporation (click here), the wholesaling of OTC drugs and other products centered on Alfresa Healthcare Corporation (click here), the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, active pharmaceutical ingredients and medical devices/equipment, and the contract manufacturing centered on Alfresa Pharma Corporation (click here), and the management of dispensing pharmacies centered on Apollo Medical Holdings Inc. (click here).

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