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Corporate Governance

Basic concept for Alfresa Group's corporate governance

  1. As a company conducting business in a field related to life and health, the Group has determined to put the Alfresa Group's Principles into practice and to fulfill our responsibilities to our various stakeholders. The Group believes that the enhancement of corporate governance is fundamental to fulfilling corporate social responsibilities and to enhancing corporate value. Going forward, the Company will continue to promote initiatives in line with the purpose of the Corporate Governance Code, working to further increase corporate value.
  2. From the perspective of achieving sustained growth and long-term enhancement of corporate value, the Group regards the essence of corporate governance as being the assurance of the transparency and fairness of decision-making, the full and effective use of management resources, and the improvement of management vitality by means of rapid and resolute decision-making, and we will work to enhance corporate governance in line with the following basic concept.
    1. To respect shareholders' rights and ensure equality of treatment.
    2. To build good and harmonious relationships with stakeholders including shareholders.
    3. To disclose corporate information appropriately and ensure transparency.
    4. To build a structure that effectively utilizes outside directors and outside Audit & Supervisory Board members, ensuring the effectiveness of the Board of Directors' supervisory function of business execution.
    5. To enhance internal-control systems, including the assurance of the reliability of financial reporting.
    6. To engage in constructive dialogue with shareholders whose investment policies match the medium-to-long-term interests of shareholders.

The Alfresa Group's basic principles concerning corporate governance

The Alfresa Group (hereinafter, the "Group") has established Corporate Governance Guidelines as basic principles concerning corporate governance. The purpose of these guidelines is to further enhance corporate value in order for the Group to fulfill its responsibilities to customers, business partners, its people, shareholders, local communities and other stakeholders in a manner characterized by reliability, safety and sincerity by realizing the Alfresa Group's Principles in the form of "Our Philosophy," "Our Vision," and "Our Promises."

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Corporate Governance Structure

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as of June 25, 2020