Alfresa Holdings Corporation

Message to Shareholders and Investors

[Photo]Ryuji Arakawa

We aim sustainable business growth through soundness corporate management and new challenges

With our philosophy “We create and deliver a fresh life for all,” the Alfresa Group is striving to enhance the group governance and implement corporate management that considers environmental issues as well as entire social prosperity, and advancing reform to be a corporate group trusted by and indispensable to society.

We are presently aiming to realize a Healthcare Consortium under the 2019-21 Mid-term Management Plan The Challenge of Further Growth “Together with Health, Together with Communities” which started from April 2019 and sets five Group management policies:

1. Build up a Group collaboration structure
2. Reform business models
3. Contribute to the health of community members
4. Further improve productivity
5. Develop talent

We will promote proactive investments in every health-related field and our initiatives toward integrated community care systems, and boost corporate value to meet the expectations of shareholders, investors and other stakeholders.

Ryuji Arakawa
Representative Director & President