Alfresa Holdings Corporation

Medium-term Management Plan

19-21 Mid-term Management Plan
The Challenge of Further Growth
“Together with Health, Together with Communities”

The Alfresa Group has drawn up the “19-21 Mid-term Management Plan The Challenge of Further Growth “Together with Health, Together with Communities,” a new mid-term management plan which aims to continue efforts to realize a Healthcare Consortium, and to strengthen efforts toward expanding business in the health field and integrated community care system.

19-21 Mid-term Management Plan

Group Management Policies

Build up a Group Collaboration Structure

The Group will strengthen collaboration among its various business segments to further exert its comprehensive strengths. The Group will also actively promote collaboration with companies in other industries in the growth fields.

Reform Business Models

The Group will expand fields from a pharmaceuticals-based business to wide-ranging businesses in the health field. The Group will reform the business model through active investment in growth fields, and aim at constructing solid business foundations toward further growth.

Contribute to the Health of Community Members

The Group will construct an open platform that links various stakeholders involved with integrated community care system. The Group will evolve into the role of comprehensively supporting community medicine, and aim to build a “local community health and medical care platform” collaborating with wide-ranging service providers in the future.

Further Improve Productivity

While continuing present initiatives to boost efficiency, the Group will increase efficiency of existing operations utilizing new technologies in order to reallocate management resources to new operations and further improve productivity.

Develop Talent

The Group will execute talent development strategies, focusing on “Willingness to venture into uncharted areas” and “Ability to adapt to changing environments” among the Alfresa Group’s four requirements for our valuable people.

Group Management Targets