Medical-Related Business

The Alfresa Group is actively expanding its business fields toward the realization of a Healthcare Consortium. We are meeting a variety of medical needs through our dispensing pharmacy business and other medical-related businesses.

The figure shown is as of April 1, 2021.

Strengths and Features of the Medical-Related Business

1Dispensing Pharmacy Business

In the Medical-Related Business, we operate 171 dispensing pharmacies from Hokkaido to Kansai region, mainly in Kanto and Tohoku regions.

Regions operating our dispensing pharmacy business

2Contributing to Community Healthcare

In our dispensing pharmacy business, we pursue further added value while addressing changes in medical needs. We also support people's health as a community-based pharmacy.

Communication with patients
Dispensing room

Business Policy

Reorganize stores in line with functions required

Raise efficiency and sophistication of operation aiming at improving profitability

Contribute to local communities by becoming multifunctional

Strengthen collaboration with each business segment