Self-Medication Products Wholesaling Business

Focusing on over-the-counter drugs, we deliver health foods, supplements and other products to drugstores and pharmacies, meeting customer needs with a full product lineup and value-added marketing activities.

The figures shown are as of March, 2023.

3 Strengths of the Self-Medication Products Wholesaling Business

1Reliable Product Supply System

We aim to optimize wide-area distribution covering all of Japan and local distribution that is suited to regional characteristics. We have established a marketing network to ensure the accurate, swift and safe supply of products, and we meet customer needs with a full product lineup of approxmately 45,000 items.

Distribution bases across Japan

2Proposal Abilities to Support Customers

Leveraging our expertise and specialized knowledge as an intermediate distributor, we make proposals to customers on how to create optimal storefronts, including product lineups that make use of local characteristics as well as displays and shelving allocations. We also support customers through market trend analysis and strategy formulation suited to consumer needs.

Shelving allocation proposal

3Total Lifestyle-Proposing Wholesaler Alliance

We are striving to ensure customer satisfaction and improve corporate value through a total lifestyle-proposing wholesaler alliance. This alliance covers medicine, food and lifestyle in partnership with companies in other industries. We have established alignments that capitalize on the different specialized areas of over-the-counter drugs, foods and lifestyle-related goods and seek to create new, high-value-added proposals from the viewpoint of the general public.

Scene of exhibition

Business Policy

Achieve high profitability in existing domains
and venture into new domains

Initiatives Aimed at High Profitability

  • Display capabilities as a Total Healthcare Merchandising Wholesaler (THMW*)
  • Acquire a greater number of exclusive manufacturers and products and boost sales
  • Open up new channels

Enhancement of Group Collaboration

  • Contribute to health and treatment by collaborating among segments

Enhancement of Profitability through Business Reform

  • Launch new promotions that utilize digital technology
  • Utilize sales and distribution data (data-driven business)

* Vitality and youthfulness that comes from within, regardless of gender