Alfresa Group
at a Glance

Alfresa Group’s overview for your quick understanding

The name “Alfresa” combines
the English word “all” with
the Esperanto word “fresa,” which means “fresh.”

The Alfresa Group
is a corporate group
that supports the pharmaceutical supply chains in Japan,
which are indispensable for maintaining people's health and life.

Through the Ethical Pharmaceuticals Wholesaling Business, the Self-medication Products
Wholesaling Business, the Manufacturing Business, and the Medical-related Business,
the Alfresa Group works as one to support the pharmaceutical supply chains that
are part of Japan’s social infrastructure, and strives to meet the full range of medical needs.

Group Companies

  • Ethical Pharmaceuticals Wholesaling Business
  • Self-Medication Products Wholesaling Business
  • Manufacturing Business
  • Medical-Related Business
  • Information System Business for the Alfresa Group

QINGDAO NESCO MEDICAL CO., LTD. Alfresa Fine Chemical Corporation Tohoku Alfresa Corporation Sannova Co., Ltd. Meisho Co., Ltd. TS Alfresa Corporation Alfresa Shinohara Chemicals Corporation Shikoku Alfresa Corporation Alfresa Pharma Corporation Alfresa Corporation Alfresa Medical Service Corporation Alfresa Healthcare Corporation APOCREAT Corporation Alfresa System Corporation RYUYAKU CO., LTD.

The Realization of a Healthcare Consortium

“Realization of a Healthcare Consortium” means the establishment of a system that can contribute to people’s lives and health by forming alliances not only with Group companies but also with other firms in the healthcare business to offer comprehensive medical care and healthcare information, products and services. We has been reforming the business model and proceeding initiatives in various fields.

Alfresa Group’s Data

Group Management Results

  • Operating Income Margin0.79%

  • Profit Margin Attribute to
    Owners of the Parent

  • Total Assets1,316.6billion yen

  • Owner’s Equity Ratio37.2%

  • Return on Equity5.1%

  • Earnings per Share115.75yen

Business Foundation

Shareholder Return

  • Dividend on Equity Ratio2.3%

  • Payout Ratio45.8%

  • Total Shareholder Return109.3%

●The figures shown are as of March, 2021.
※Source: “2021 ALL DATA & RANKING” published by Drugmagazine Co., Ltd.

Alfresa Group’s Strength

  • Robust distribution system

    We are effectively positioning our distribution centers with high processing capabilities and building a distribution platform that meets the needs of customers such as hospitals, dispensing pharmacies, and drugstores through a nationwide network of branches and offices.

  • Relationships of trust with customers and suppliers

    We have established a position as the No. 1 ethical pharmaceuticals wholesaler in net sales by building up wide-ranging transactions with pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers, and strong relationships of trust with customers. We also aim to create new value by serving as a connection between medical care, nursing care, local government, and others.

  • Diversified business portfolio

    We have built a supply chain that spans from manufacturing to wholesale and final delivery of medicine to patients at dispensing pharmacies. By utilizing this supply chain, we also operate a wide range of businesses including prevention of disease as well as treatment, diagnosis, and procedures. We will make further investments in growth businesses and seek to sustainably expand our business domains.

  • Group synergy

    We will maximize synergies between each business segment, including development and manufacture of products that reflect customer needs picked up by the wholesaling business and other business, wholesaling of products manufactured in-house, and sales cooperation of over-the-counter (OTC) and health food products at dispensing pharmacies.

What We Value

Our valuable people

The Alfresa Group
considers its valuable people
to be the true driver for sustainable growth into the future

To create and deliver a fresh life for all, we are working
to develop talent who flexibly respond to all medical needs,
have willingness to challenge and continue to grow.

Ability to adapt
to changing

Willingness to venture
into uncharted areas

High ethical standards
that earn trust

Strong sense of mission
for work that supports life

Ability to adapt to changing environments

The ability to adapt quickly to new business opportunities and work environments, and to fully leverage unique capabilities, contributes to the results of the team.

Willingness to venture into uncharted areas

This is the most important requirement for creating new value and business under the management environment at any given time.

High ethical standards that earn trust

This is an important attribute for cultivating the sense of trust that is essential to be entrusted with life-related work.

Strong sense of mission for work that supports life

A high sense of mission is one of the values required of an employee involved in work that supports life.

Talent development strategies

  • Reinforce OJT
  • Realize career plans which expand growth opportunities
  • Secure diverse personnel and have them play active roles
  • Reform training programs

Alfresa Group’s Value Creation Model