Message form the Chairman of the CSR Promotion Committee


A company’s social worth cannot be measured through financial numbers alone. Today, the ability to contribute to sustainable social development—as gauged via qualities such as future value creation potential and ability to solve problems facing society—is increasingly important.

By upholding the stability of pharmaceutical supply amid the ever-changing social and business environment, we at the Alfresa Group must continue our quest for sustainability in corporate growth and society.

To that end, we have identified a number of Materialities in ESG fields and are currently working on those. In doing so, we have positioned our valuable human resources as a driving force toward the Group’s sustained growth into the future. We continue to develop talent and promote diversity, and nurture a corporate culture able to constantly take on new challenges by allowing all of our employees to utilize their abilities to their fullest in a rewarding and vibrant environment.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government has announced a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. We will play our part by ramping up efforts to surmount environmental issues, such as by reducing carbon dioxide emissions across our family of businesses.

Through a cohesive Groupwide ESG effort, we are determined to provide rewarding careers at workplaces where employees feel proud to work, and we will seek sustainability not only in the corporate growth of the Alfresa Group, but also across society as a whole.