Materiarities - Priority Issues for Sustainable Growth

Identification of Materialities

Materialities are priority issues that have a strong influence on realizing a sustainable society and increasing the Group’s corporate value over the medium to long term. They represent threats and risks as well as new opportunities within this time frame. We have identified eight materialities for the Company in carrying out our medium- to long-term strategies, which must be continuously addressed during this time. As a first step, during the period of the 2019-21 Mid-term Management Plan, we will address our materialities through the five Group management policies and the five ESG important issues.

The Process of Identification of Materialities

STEP:1 Screen and organize social issues that the Group should address

Screen and organize social issues as a long list based on global sustainability reporting guidelines, the Japanese government’s guidance on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and evaluation standards used by major ESG organizations.

STEP:2 Organize the linkage between the Company’s businesses and social issues, and identify priority issues

Hold inter-departmental discussion meetings regarding the screened and organized issues. Consider their importance to the Alfresa Group and its stakeholders, and then plot higher priority issues.

STEP:3 Examine and determine appropriateness

Gather opinions from external experts regarding the screened issues as higher priority to ensure objectivity and appropriateness. After requesting to the directors, the issues are discussed and decided upon, then settled by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Materialities and Initiatives