Environmental Management

Basic Policy

The Alfresa Group recognizes that environmental conservation is an important issue for an enterprise that is closely involved in people’s health. Based on Our Promises in the Group’s principles, the Group takes initiatives proactively to reduce its environmental impact at each stage, from manufacturing, to sale, to disposal of pharmaceuticals and other products.

The Alfresa Group's Environmental Policy

1. Basic Philosophy

As a group of companies engaged in health-related businesses, the Alfresa Group recognizes global environmental issues that impact people's health and livelihoods as part of its essential corporate management issues.
We will contribute to realizing a society in which everyone can live in health, by not only complying with laws and regulations related to the environment but proactively reducing environmental impact and solving environmental issues.

2. Policy for Each Scope

  1. Response to Climate Change

    The Alfresa Group aggressively uses renewable energy and reduces CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

  2. Realization of a Recycling-Oriented Society

    The Alfresa Group recycles resources such as by efficiently using resources and proactively using renewable ones at every stage of its entire value chain, from resource procurement to manufacturing, distribution, disposal, and recycling.

  3. Prevention of Environmental Pollution

    The Alfresa Group endeavors to prevent environmental pollution such as by avoiding air pollution, reducing emissions of chemical substances, and cleaning wastewater.

  4. Coexistence with Living Organisms

    The Alfresa Group works to protect, preserve, and restore biodiversity while considering its business activities' impact on biodiversity.

  5. Environmental Communication

    The Alfresa Group communicates with society through our diligent work toward its targets and proactive information disclosure.

Established April 1, 2022

Addressing environmental conservation

We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by conducting environmentally-friendly business activities.
We promote initiatives for carbon neutrality, initiatives for recycling activities, prevention of environmental pollution and coexistence with living organisms.
Aiming to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by FY2050, we will continue to carry out initiatives to reduce emissions by 10% in FY2024 and by 30% in FY2030 compared to FY2020.

Alfresa Group’s Environmental Promotion Structure

The Alfresa Group has created a Group-wide environmental management structure and actively promotes environmental conservation activities, including the provision of environmental education for Group companies. The Group also collects and ascertains its environmental performance data properly based on Japan’s Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures and Act on the Rational Use of Energy.

Environmental Management System

Some of the Group's business sites, such as manufacturing business plants, have acquired ISO 14001 certification to help prevent pollution and protect the environment.
Currently, four locations have obtained the certification.
They have established environmental protection promotion structures and are taking systematic measures.

Sites with ISO 14001 certification


(International standard with specifications for
environmental management systems)

Sannova Co., Ltd.
Alfresa Fine Chemical Corporation
Meisho Co., Ltd., Higashiyama Office, Arai Office