Approach to Sustainability

We have formulated a basic sustainability policy based on the Group principles.

the Alfresa Group's Basic Sustainability Policy

We create and deliver a fresh life for all.

We believe it is important to realize a sustainable society in order to create
and deliver a fresh life for all.
We aim to contribute to the development of a society in which everyone can live in good health, while at the same time
increasing our corporate value in a sustainable manner,
by conducting business activities based on the Alfresa Group’s principles
and by addressing social and environmental issues.

Conceptual diagram of sustainability management

Based on the Alfresa Group’s Principles and its Basic Sustainability Policy, we work together as one in the eight important sustainability issues through its business activities in line with each policy and guideline that the Group formulated.

CSR Promotion Structure

The Group established the CSR Promotion Committee to promote CSR activities throughout the Group. As an advisory body to the representative director, the committee works to promote these activities in accordance with the Alfresa Group’s Basic Sustainability Policy determined by the Board of Directors. To fulfill this role, the committee looks into policies related to Groupwide CSR activities, creates reports, and conducts evaluations of CSR activities of Group companies that are then reported in summary on a regular basis (twice a year) to the representative director and the Board of Directors.

Alfresa Group CSR Management Framework

Participation in Industry Groups and External Organizations

The Alfresa Group aims to become a Healthcare Consortium that provides products and services in every health-related field, and actively participates in various industry groups and external organizations.

Main Industry Groups and External Organizations

  • Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), Corporate Member
  • The Federation of Japan Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association (JPWA), Member
  • Japan Association for the World Food Programme, Councilor

Communicating with Stakeholders

The Group will steadily promote CSR activities by having all of its people properly understand and implement the Group’s principles in the form of Our Philosophy, Our Vision, and Our Promises, while practicing two-way communication with its various stakeholders.

Communication Methods

Stakeholders Communication approach Main means of communication
Customers and Suppliers Serving as a bridge between customers and suppliers, the Group collects information about pharmaceuticals (efficacy and side effects) as well as opinions and requests from customers, and then provides this information to suppliers. The Group also holds seminars and events on themes that are useful for customers and suppliers respectively to provide opportunities for solving health and healthcare-related issues and sharing information.
  • Sales and distribution activities, etc. (for customers)
  • Purchasing and procurement activities, etc. (for suppliers)
  • Sharing information on websites
    • Dedicated websites
      • alf-web (for the purpose of providing the latest medical information, information on relevant laws and regulations, and explanations of trends at regulatory authorities, etc.)
      • SAFE-DI (for the purpose of providing information on pharmaceuticals)
      • alf-net (for the purpose of providing product and sales promotion information, etc. in Self-Medication Products Wholesaling Business)
    • Providing information on public websites (by Alfresa Pharma Corporation)
  • Holding seminars and training sessions for customers
  • Regular SPD* meetings (reporting on operation of SPD services) (by Alfresa Medical Service Corporation)
    *Supply, processing, and distribution
  • Holding regular events
    • “Alfresa Medical Fair” (by Alfresa Corporation, Alfresa Medical Service Corporation, Alfresa Healthcare Corporation, and Alfresa Pharma Corporation)
    • “Life Support Fair” (by Alfresa Healthcare Corporation, and Alfresa Medical Service Corporation)
  • Exhibiting regularly at events
    • “Drugstore Show” (by Alfresa Corporation, and Alfresa Healthcare Corporation)
  • Inquiry helplines (at Group company websites)
Our People* The Group shares information through the Group newsletter and other tools, and implements Group-wide initiatives to spread and ensure the practice of the Group’s principles.
  • Group newsletter
  • Group training programs
  • Group-wide initiatives
  • Establishment of the Group’s internal reporting system
  • Regular personnel evaluation interviews, self-assessments, and labor-management conferences, etc. at Group companies
Global Environment The Group strives to reduce environmental impact at each stage, including the manufacturing, selling and disposing of pharmaceuticals and other products, and it fully discloses information on its environmental impact.
  • Compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and environmental activities based on agreements with governments
  • Full disclosure of environmental impact in the Alfresa Group at the Integrated Report and the Sustainability website
Local Communities The Group is aware of its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen that exists in and develops together with society. In addition to contributing to healthcare in the society through its business activities with close links to local communities, it conducts social contribution activities proactively, aiming for harmonious coexistence with local communities.
  • Community support activities for people with dementia, etc.
  • Contributions to health and healthcare-related activities
  • Holding health events at dispensing pharmacies
Shareholders and Investors In order to deliver the appropriate information to all shareholders and investors, we provide timely disclosure of information, practicing the general principles of transparency, fairness, continuity, timeliness, and interactivity.
  • Briefing on business results (twice per year)
  • Annual Shareholders’ Meeting (once per year)
  • IR events (regular investor visits outside Japan, etc.)
  • IR tools (Integrated Report, reports, etc.)
  • Disclosure of IR information through corporate website
Governments (National and Local Governments), Industry Groups The Group complies with laws and regulations, including the Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Regenerative and Cellular Therapy Products, Gene Therapy Products, and Cosmetics (PMD Act) and conducts itself in accordance with the Fair Competition Code of the healthcare-related industry. The Group pays its taxes properly and in a timely manner.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations, etc.
  • Participation in business and industry groups

* The Alfresa Group refers to its employees as “our people.”