Message from the Management


One important principle of the Alfresa Group is expressed in Our Philosophy, which is to create and deliver a fresh life for all.

To contribute to the life journey of all people, we aim to become a Healthcare Consortium that provides products and services in every health-related field.

We expect that the business environment around the Alfresa Group will change in significant ways in the future because of factors such as the super-aged society, a shrinking workforce, the rising cost of social security, technological innovation and digitization, and the Community-based Integrated Care System evolving across Japan.

Anticipating these changes in the business environment, we established the 22-24 Mid-term Management Plan: Leap into the Future “An Evolving Healthcare Consortium” in May 2022. We will move forward with a range of initiatives in the fields of healthcare and medical care by enhancing business models, creating new value, and uniting the Group’s efforts.

We strive to realize a sustainable society as a corporate group that has taken on a role in the social infrastructure of delivering medicines in a safe, secure and sincere manner.