Vision for Our Valuable People

The Alfresa Group has formulated a set of values and the code of conduct common to all employees as the Alfresa Group’s Requirements for Our Valuable People, based on "Our Promises," which make up part of the Alfresa Group’s principles. Having each employee put these values and code into practice in his or her daily duties will generate a higher level of Group synergy and lead to the realization of the Group’s principles.

What the Alfresa Group Needs

Strong sense of mission for work that supports life

A high sense of mission is one of the values required of an employee involved in work that supports life.

High ethical standards that earn trust

This is an important attribute for cultivating the sense of trust that is essential to be entrusted with life-related work.

Willingness to venture into uncharted areas

This is the most important requirement for creating new value and business under the management environment at any given time.

Ability to adapt to changing environments

The ability to adapt quickly to new business opportunities and work environments, and to fully leverage unique capabilities, contributes to the results of the team.

Strong expertise needed for sustainable growth

As they work with one another, every employee needs to possess a wealth of knowledge and experience and display their individuality and talents in order to enable the functions necessary for sustainable growth of the Group.

Practice of the Four Requirements for Our Valuable People